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Ideas for windows.


This pantry glass has a busy design on the back and a simple design on the front. This type of design is used when you don't want to see through the glass. This piece's transparency is about 40%. You can see the black sheet partially in the background. You could use a solid etch on the back. Then you could not see through at all. This would also makes the design harder to see. For a solid etch application, it is best to carve the design in the glass. Then the entire glass surface is etched.

Etched glue chip design

This is a picture of glue chipped glass with etching on same side. It is hard to tell from the picture. It was a sample for a shower door. We could use this in our pantry example with the glue chip on the back and etch Pantry and our design on the front. This makes a very elegant look. There are many styles of pattern glass. All of which can be brought to life with a personalized etched design. Some of the thinner pattern glass can not be safety tempered.

Elements can be mixed and matched to create complete designs. Center designs can be added to a border design. Repeating designs can be used to completely cover the glass.
Stripes and shapes can be etched on one side, so you can see through the glass. Or both sides can be etched with a apposing design so that you can not see through the glass.
Painted pattern glass and carved back painted glass. The carved design on far right is back painted white.